Couple Hears “Alarming” Sounds in Walls Nightly for 13 Years, Then Stunned Repairman Discovers What It Is

For Jerry and Sylvia Lynn, a sound coming from the wall was no bother, even though it kept the house noisy every night. You want the full story!

Jerry and Sylvia are a nice couple. However, their house seemed to always want to start a conversation with them every night starting from 7:50 p.m. It was a sound coming from behind the wall. The couple had no idea what it was. It sounded like a part of a conversation. They were puzzled!

Well, they did grow fond of the unusual occurrence eventually. They started liking it. They had to talk to their guests to prepare them for the daily event every time someone had to spend the night in their home. This went on for a cool 13 years, and then a construction company got wind of the story and showed up to help.

Watch the full clip here and see what they found in the wall. This will blow your mind. How did it get in there? Unbelievable!

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