Couple perform perfect Honky Tonk dance that has the crowd roariing

Katie Boyle and Jason Calacino, is a duo who left the spectators and viewrs in awe with their incredible Honky Tonk dance. The video of their dance routine has been posted in 2011 and been viewed over 8 million times.

Jason has been famous for a special dancing style called the West Coast Swing. When he was just a teen, he began to dance, he then went on to learn more intricate dance styles including Argentine tango, salsa, jazz, and even ballroom dancing.

Katie started dancing at just 2-years-old. She continued her training through her college years. At the moment, she works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a fine arts teacher. In the video below, the pair perform a tough “Honky Tonk” routine to a hit song known as “Honky Tonk Woman.” Even though the beat sounds just like a country song, it was written by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones when they were vacationing in Brazil. The singers have stated that the song was somewhat inspired by “Caipiras” Brazilian music.


Honky Tonk music became popular in the 1930s. It soon became the most well-known sound in country music throughout the United States. Hank Williams was one popular artist to utilize this style of music. Jason and Katie begin their routine with some intense hip-shaking before completing a complicated series of slides and twists. The watching crowd roars in approval at their moves. You can tell that the pair have worked together before as they are able to move in perfect unison with one another.

Another impressive fact about the pair is how their feet rarely stay on the ground as they dance. This routine includes many lifts that require grace, strength, and incredible balance. It is truly breathtaking to watch.

Watch as Jason executes a truly perfect lift. The pair are in their element! Jason and Katie make their fluid movements look easy as they execute flawless lifts, dips, spins, and turns. It is no wonder that the pair was given the first prize in the competition they entered.

Are you ready to see the spectacular Honky Tonk performance yourself? Check it out below:

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