Dancing improves the mood and it’s a fun activity to share with your friends and loved ones. It makes you get closer physically and emotionally. In addition to this, dancing also is being used as an excellent workout for the body.

Charles Womble and Jackie McGee are one couple who has a great passion for dancing. They’re professional dance couple since they hit the dance floor in 1981 and they’re not slowing down at all. Watch their performance and you’ll understand!

After all these years dancing in front of an audience, the couple recently had the chance to be recognized at the Grand Nationals in the Masters Division. Giving each other a hug as they took to the stage, it’s easy to see that this couple has a special bond and a sincere affection for each other.

They performed the Shag and their dance blew the socks off everyone who watched! With their amazing talents and fantastic footwork, they ended up dancing so well that they won the Grand Nationals!

The couple began their dancing career back in 1981 when they started hitting the floor together. Their amazing abilities and obvious chemistry gave them the chance to win more than 300 competitions. For 12 years in a row, they were undefeated by any of the competition.

The Shag is a dance that first got its start in the 1940s and was popular at beach parties. However, this couple made it obvious that the Shag isn’t a part of the past.

The audience was stunned by Charles and Jackie’s performance, their effortless and smooth dance moves and the fact that they complemented each other in everything that they did.

Not only do Charles and Jackie seems to enjoy the dance, but they revel in each other as well. Watching the video clip, you can see the two dancers smiling at each other and constantly keeping eye contact.

Watch the video for yourself and you can easily see why this stunning couple managed to take home first place for their dancing routine. When you watch the video, does it make you want to get up and dance? Invite your friends to watch it as well – perhaps they’d like to go out dancing with you!

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