Ice skating is a very delicate sport. It requires focus and determinaton to master every single move. Ice skaters need to repeat their routine again and again so they can perform it perfectly in front of audience or judges.

Despite requiring different types of physical and mental skills to be successful. Ice skating is a combination of art and skills. When you watch an ice skating routine, you can help but be mesmerized by the breathtaking moves skaters display on ice.

Ice skating isn’t the easiest sport to pick up. But for parents who want to instill the passion of this sport in their young kids. It’s absolutely possible and It’s all about finding balance on the ice and getting the right equipment.

For a start, their height usually offers them a lower center of gravity, meaning they can keep their balance better. And of the course there’s the fact that children are fairly good at picking themselves up, dusting themselves off, and giving things another go …

Of course, there’s a marked difference between being able to stay upright on ice skates and being able to actually ice skate. Only a few people can demonstrate absolute mastery when it comes to ice skating, and so for children to be able to do so is even more impressive.

Enter the two young children in this particular video. They’ve been coached by none other than 2002 Olympic silver medallist Ilya Izyaslavovich Averbukh, who turned his attentions toward training the next generation after retiring himself.

One might expect that “Team Ilya Averbukh” should be capable of big things, but that doesn’t mean they’re not able to wow the audience with just how good they really are.

As soon as Rufus Wainwright’s cover of “Hallelujah” begins playing, the boy and girl drop instantly to the floor. Strange? You bet. The crowd’s confusion is virtually palpable.

That said, it doesn’t last long. Before much time has passed, the boy has planted a cheeky kiss on his partner, and then the duo explode into a creative whirlwind on the ice.

After this beautiful ice routine by these young talented kids, we’re happy to know that they made it to the finals of this competition. I’m sure It won’t take long time for them to compete with the pros with these amazing skills.

You can see the performance in question in the video below:

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