Couples will not always agree on parenting decisions and techniques. One mother regretted giving into her husband’s unusual request.

Dad wanted to fit an old-timey bike horn on the son’s push chair. His wife thought it was bizarre request at first. However, her husband told her it was for safety reasons, but she did not take long to realize why her husband needed the buggy horn. The vehicular tool was used as a mischievous tool to frighten her. The man would honk and his wife got scared each time.

However, the wife decided she would not suffer the torment alone. She kept asking the man to stop but he never paid attention.

One day, the man got a taste of his medicine. The man was enjoying his sausage roll when his wife honked the buggy horn. The man dropped his half-eaten sausage roll in fright. His wife had the last laugh.

Watch the hilarious footage and let us know what you think.

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