Dad cover his baby’s cold hand under the blanket, then their nanny cam captured something strange

You’ll agree that a baby’s development during the early stages after birth is always a fascinating period. This is the period when the little one starts learning how to grip at things and control body muscles and joints. As expected, this development is much witnessed with what the baby does with their hands. The baby in this video is a rather funny one, though!

So here we’ve this good couple who just brought a kid into the world. At 8 months, Tyler was still learning work his muscles and hands, but it’s just what happened when he slept that brings us the hilarious part. I want to laugh now!

The couple noticed that whenever the kid wandered into his dreamland, one of his hands would always be up and the other down, and not even themselves could change that. In the video, you watch as they try to put the hand down, only to get the funniest reaction from the little angel.

Tyler is now 8 years old, and he loves his child-hood story. Watch his and please SHARE on Facebook. It’s just so funny!

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