Parenthood is not easy. Late wakeful nights, crying babies, stinky diapers and lots of poopies all characterize the period. Not even one has ever claimed parenthood was enchanting. One man has confirmed that to the online world.

It is one father’s turn to look after the baby as mommy is not around. Dad realizes that the baby has a full smelly diaper and requires a change. Luckily, for our enjoyment, he captured the moment.

He carelessly begins to take off his baby’s diaper, but next the stench hits him.

Immediately dad gets the odor of that baby poop; he begins to lose it. It becomes evident that he has a very responsive choke reaction. After a few seconds, he pulls it together and goes to clean his kid.

Then the visual reflection of his baby’s dirty diaper is too much for him to contain. The dad is making efforts not to disgorge.

Amusingly, the father proceeds to change his baby’s diaper as he tries to avoid puking. It is hard not to laugh when watching this funny clip at this juncture.

The sounds of pain and deep breathing are enough to make you laugh. YouTube viewers couldn’t hold based on their comments.

One of the viewers says it was the best fun seeing the baby lying on the table calmly all that time. Another said he is sure the mommy laughed she saw this.

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