When someone in uniform claims that they were just doing their job, it usually means they’ve actually done a whole lot more.

That’s exactly how Brighton, CO police officer Nick Struck described a recent heartbreaking encounter that has since gained national attention. After arriving at the scene of a devastating car crash in which an adult couple and their four children were thrown from their vehicle, Officer Struck’s paternal instincts kicked in. The children’s father was killed instantly from the accident and Struck immediately thought about what he would want another person to do for his young daughter in such a terrifying situation.

He knew that although she survived the accident physically unharmed, his job of keeping the little girl safe was not over.

The cop went above and beyond the call of duty to comfort one of the young children, a 2-year-old girl who was shaken and confused. In the following report from USA Today, Struck says he sang “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to the baby girl, something he does to his own daughter to calm her down. After a witness snapped a photo of Officer Struck holding the little girl close, the image has since gone viral. The emotional photo captured a brief heartwarming moment during a time of unimaginable heartbreak.

For every “bad cop” story you hear out in the news, it helps to know that there are so many more good guys out there like Officer Struck.

Watch the video below to hear an account from the officer himself.

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