Dogs are man’s best friend. They are very intelligent and loyal furry friends.

A YouTuber from Canada shared an interesting video about his dogs. Her four active dogs are on their way to the park. What happens next will blow your mind! Luna and her three canine companions are German shorthairs. The breed is known for its affectionate, energetic and loyal nature.

All is quiet until dad makes an announcement that turns the dogs on board. Dad says they are going to park and mood changes.

“where are you going?” Requests

Puppies take a few minutes to guess. The dogs are so excited that the guy almost stops so they can relax.

How cute that can be! The video has garnered more than 1 million views and positive comments from viewers.

Check out the cute pictures below of the dogs’ reaction and let us know what you think. This is the most beautiful thing you will see today!

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