Dad shows off his “magic method” of soothing his crying baby in seconds with an unusual sound

Have you ever wished babies had a magical “off button” whenever they start their blood-curling cries? While crying is a completely natural process for babies, sometimes it is nerve-wracking for new parents.

One father has the perfect secret to soothing a crying baby, and he is sharing it for free. Daniel Eisemann is an author and motivational speaker. He was in the middle of shooting a Facebook Live video when his baby Divina started crying. How did Daniel handle the situation? He chanted “om” in the middle of Divina’s crying, and the newborn stopped crying immediately.

Daniel says that was the first time that he did that trick. Daniel now chants to her whenever she lets her one of her blood-curling cries.

Dr. David Karp, an author, says that using calming sounds stops babies from crying. He also shares the “shushing” technique that has been around for decades. He goes ahead and explains the five powerful sensations that children experience while in the womb. They include swaddle, stomach/side, sound, swing and suck. Using several combinations helps calm the baby.

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