Stephen Parker was fighting for his life when a car collapsed on him. Stephen as a father thought first of his 8-year-old son who was on the other side of the car. While his life is slowly fading away, he was praying that his son is safe.

However, Stephen never expected he would survive thanks to his little boy

When he and his two sons began working on his car earlier that day, no one had any premonitions of what would befall their family. Mason, Stephen’s 17-year-old son, had helped his father jack up the heavy car. In fact, the car was so heavy, it required both father and son to lift it. Unfortunately, after some time working on the vehicle, Mason accidently cut himself and went inside to attend to his wound. Stephen continued to work underneath the vehicle while 8-year-old J.T. hung around.

While working on the car’s axle, the jack unexpectedly failed, dropping the large vehicle on top of Stephen. Pinned under the car’s weight, Stephen was ultimately trapped and unable to breathe.

J.T., on the other side of the car, had not noticed what had just happened. Stephen, in his state, didn’t know whether he should call out to his young son or not. Thinking of his son, Stephen recalls that, “I didn’t want him to feel the pressure if he couldn’t jack it up. I didn’t want him to think it was his fault if I died.”

Yet, with his consciousness fading, Stephen’s desire to live kicked in, and he yelled for J.T.

With the reality of the situation before him, J.T. sprang into action while his father drifted off into what he describes as a peaceful state of unconsciousness. Not knowing whether or not he could lift the car himself and not knowing if he had enough time to go and get his brother, J.T. used all 50 pounds of his body weight to jump up and down on the jack.

Even though it had taken both Stephen and his 17-year-old son Mason to lift the car initially, J.T.’s perseverance lifted the car off his father’s chest! However, today he cannot get the jack to lift the car. He’s tried and tried, but he cannot repeat what he did that day to save his father’s life.

When asked how he thinks he managed to lift the car that fateful day, J.T. has only one answer: “angels.” Like J.T., Stephen believes his son was aided that day. Stephen is convinced his life was spared by a higher power and that angels really did come to his rescue by guiding and helping his courageous son.

Watch the video below to hear more about this incredible rescue:

Do you think he was helped by angels? Have you ever been in a similar situation where you felt a divine power helping you in a time of need? Tell us your story and pass this article on to your loved ones!

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