Dad Throws Kid Down From Second Floor. But The Firefighter’s Next Move Will Leave You Gasping For Breath!

I’m pretty certain I’m not the only human who freaks out at the thought of getting stuck in a burning building, and with that I’m also certain that if given a chance, a parent would do anything to get their kid out of danger in such an extreme situation, even if it means sending the little one out in a dive to the ground!

It happened in Georgia! This dad was in a burning building. He was stuck in the second story with his little baby in his arms. He was desperate. The firefighters were on the ground trying their hardest to contain the fire, but this father was very worried about his child. He didn’t put much thought into his own safety. He just wanted his child to be safe.

And then he looked out down to the ground and saw this ready firefighter!

To save the situation, the firefighter asked the dad to throw his kid down for him to catch.

I’ve never seen such a trusting father. He did it, and the firefighter caught the kid!

You’ll have to see this to believe it yourself!

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