Dad-to-be walks into wife’s hospital room wearing bizarre mask, then takes it off to say ‘I Love You’

The mood in the hospital delivery room may be gloomy, but the mother-to-be has to keep her spirits up, and she waits for her bundle of joy. However, different women have different labor experiences. Things may happen so fast, and sometimes one has to wait for long.

Many women are attuned to their bodies, and they feel the whole process. In the video below, one couple decided to be silly as they awaited their baby to show up. The man knew his wife needed some cheering up.

The man wore a scary baby mask and danced around the room with some music playing in the background. You can hear the wife giggling.  The man struts in the room and grabs a stuffed doll. He pretends it is a baby and rocks it on his arms, with the mask still on his face. Later on, he removes the masks, and that causes the wife to break into a hearty laughter.

What a genius way to keep her wife entertained. Watch the hilarious footage and SHARE on Facebook.

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