It has been said that laughter is one of the best medicines you can get out there. Baby Nowah seems to have just discovered that and her joyous laughter is beyond therapeutic. She is doing that while out with her father and it’s something you will love to watch again and again.

It is believed by experts that there is a relationship between the intellectual achievements of a child and his/her sense of humor. Humor can be termed as an intellectual form of play. Whenever children develop skills (be it mental or physical,) they tend to make fun of them. That clearly shows that Nowah understands what her father is doing.

Is there any other sweeter moment that a father can share with his kid better than this? I know with this kind of strolls with the baby, the bond that exists between the two is getting stronger. The father must have had a plan at the back of his mind when they went out and from the look of things, it perfectly worked.

Father needed the little kid to master his name. It is the word “Papa” that makes the kid happy even though the word “Mama” is also mentioned. Maybe the kid is familiar with “Mama” and that might be the reason as to why she fails to see any fun in it.

Listen to their heartwarming interaction for yourself in the video below. She’s just adorable!

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