When you take a look at the clip below, Mark Villaver, an experienced dancer is dancing with his mother Emilia Villaver Daquioag, you will also agree with me that dancing is something that runs in the family. It’s impossible to tell that the boogying Daquioag is deaf until you watch the other video that was uploaded in October 19th, 2014 Daquioag and her son reveals that she is deaf. Before going to the dance floor to dance to “She Came to Give It to You,” she communicates with her son by signs.

Mark’s Facebook page says that he is a native of Honolulu but relocated and lives currently in L.A.  He told DHN that after being a dancer for celebrities like Swift, Ariana Grande, and Taylor, he decided to make her mother’s dancing talent shine.

Gallaudet University did a research whereby it discovered that it was possible for a deaf person to dance to music. What deaf people do when dancing is that they count visually on the signals given to them. The research also indicated that totally deaf people can easily respond to basis music signals, and they can also dance by the imitating other dancers who can be able to hear the music.

Mark Smith, who happens to be a deaf dancer, told BBC that he is able to dance by depending on the vibrations that the speakers and the wooden floors produce. This is the reason why his dancing team dances bare footed. He also went on to say that deaf people are sharp in capturing visual signs, since they totally depend on them daily. This fact also comes handy to them when dancing.

Although in the clip Daquioag never gives an explanation on how she came to learn choreography, it’s clear that she really adores what she does. For all those who are incapacitated, Daquioag is here to motivate you!

Watch the video for yourself and get ready to be impressed by this fabulous duo’s incredible talent and sweet family bond.

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