Devoted dad sweetly serenades his baby girl – But it’s her comeback that’s melting everyone’s hearts

Dan Fowlks, actor-model decided to sing to his precious baby daughter, Nova Lin, but he had no idea, his small tribute will spread like wildfire. Within a few minutes, the internet went crazy and the video was viewed more than 11 million times! You may think the reason is due to dad’s hot looks or his singing ability, we can’t ignore this of course, but it’s actually all about his baby daughter’s adorable reaction!

The benefits of parents singing to their babies are quite important. According to The Psychology Today website, singing to a little child helps optimize an infant’s mood and strengthen the emotional bond between caregiver and infant. That’s why Dan tries to sing to his two children as often as possible! and both of them are loving it!

The moment Dan starts his song “Dream Lover” by Bobby Darin, Nova Lin perks up. As dad keeps singing, the baby girl gets excited, looks at her dad with a big, toothless grin and tries her best to dance to his music.

The cute little baby even tries to get up on her knees to say to Dad’s singing. At one moment, Dan realizes that she is getting too close to the edge of the bed then he puts his own knee up to keep her safe. This heartwarming serenade between Dan and Nova Lin shows just how much he’s a caring father and how much she appreciates her dad’s affection.

Take a look at this adorable daddy-daughter moment for yourself by pressing “Watch Video”

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