It’s not often a shark asks for help but luckily diver Joshua Eccles was in the right place at the right time.

Off the coast of Jupiter, Florida a group of divers was taken aback when they found themselves surrounded by a pair of sharks who are seemingly more curious. While they are very used to have close encounters with see creatures, this was no ordinary one.

Joshua notices something was wrong with one of the two sharks, the large lemon shark was hovering near him, swimming dangerously close to him. At that moment, cameras captured the unexpected turn of events that followed.

The shark began aggressively bumping into him, trying to make a point that Josh just couldn’t understand. It was obvious that the shark had no intention of attacking and it was then when Joshua took a closer look and realized the meaning of the shark’s attitude.

It turned out that the shark was asking for help: a huge hook was lodged in its belly. Taking a deep breath, Josh made a dangerous decision that was caught on tape – and what happened next was nothing short of incredible.

Risking his own life, Joshua carefully approaches the shark’s belly and proceeded the heart-pumping save. He successfully yanked the hook out of the shark, which promptly swam away

But their story doesn’t end there. What happens next may change any preconceptions you have about sharks. Sharks are frightening creatures, but this one showed that everyone needs a helping hand once in awhile.

See how this incredible rescue unfolds in the video below – what a stunning moment caught on camera!

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