Diver Notices Dolphin Is Acting Strangely, Swims Closer And Immediately Realizes Why

Dolphins are one of the beautiful creatures in the sea world. It is always fascinating to watch it as it swims and leaps through the water. In addition to their high speed that can reach 17 miles hour, this water mammal is known to be very intelligent and accustomed to be around humans. Thousands of people visit water parks to witness the beauty of this creature. Their activeness and intelligence make them a fan favorite.

Not only that, but it turns out that dolphins are also social in their natural habitat just like humans. Instantly after birth, Baby dolphin follows  its mommy and the two become inseparable.

In the video below, a diver was hanging out in shallow water observing a dolphin swimming peacefully. But the diver noticed something strange about her. The dolphin was swimming erratically because there was something hanging down from her underside. It turns out, the dolphin was pregnant. A tiny tail is trying to make its way out. She was actually giving birth at that moment. Other few people were able to witness this rare moment, they stood there observing with amazement as the mom flipped and wiggled about. At certain moment, the throes of delivery overcame her, drawing her to the sandy bottom before abnormally arching her back.

As seconds passed by, the baby becomes more and more visible. Fish come closer surrounding laboring mom, until she finally took off in a sudden bolt. Moments later, the calf was finally out, he made his big entrance with a huge splash of water. He didn’t miss a second, instantly swimming around and flipping his tail. The mom as if nothing happened swim happily along with her baby. Check out this beautiful underwater birth in the video below, and relish the breathtaking moment the baby arrives.

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