One of the spectacles that I can never say no to go and watch is the ice dancing. This beautiful sport always amazes me and the skaters never fail to dazzle me with their incredible skills.

Ice dancing is more expressive than figure skating, since the dancers focus more on creating footwork and body movements that express dance on ice. Ice dancing has been an Olympic event since 1976, according to the International Olympic Committee. Ice dancers compete in pairs, not as individuals.

A lot of the success or failure lies in the music, which is why Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron set the bar of expectation high when they elected for Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” …

Gabriella and Guillaume, dressed respectively in a red dress and neutral black suit that presented an eye-catching contrast, made their way out into the centre of the ice rink and captivated their audience from the word Go.

With Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” filling the ears of the crowd, the two glide around the rink with sublime grace, instantly in-sync with each other and enjoying every moment of their performance.

Gabriella and Guillame are truly amazing and they’re showing a great level of mastery. For me, who can barely stand upright on ice skates, performing like this would be just a dream. It will take me years and years of discipline and practice to reach their level. They’re capable of delivering a show that literally leaves people wrestling with their own emotions.

You have to check this out. it absolutely amaze you. Watch the video below:

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