Elaine Page joins Susan Boyle on stage – The result is like nothing you’ve ever heard

Duets are one of the best performances for me, especially when two famous singers meet on the same stage. No one can imagine how incredible it’s going to be. For everyone who is fan of good music, a duet is a double pleasure, you get the chance to listen to two great vocalists come together for a classic song. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

There are countless of artist collaborations on the Internet, but be sure that this one you’re about to see tops them all. I mean yesteryear star Elaine Page performing along with Susan Boyle, I have no words for this, you’ve got to watch this!

For those who know Elaine, she was very famous years ago and it was absolutely a special moment for the audience to see her standing on stage again.But if there was someone just as ecstatic as the audience, it was Susan herself.

Susan fans know exactly how much she’s crazy about Elaine, she’s a die hard fan and her wish was to share the stage with Elaine one day, that’s why we can understand her excitement. Her dream has finally came true.

The performance really is a treat to the ears as you hear both of them bring their vocals together in tune with one another. But don’t take our word for it!

Watch the two perform in the video below:

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