Elderly woman sits in piano in crowded street – Leaves everyone speechless with incredible performance

An elderly woman has found herself becoming a viral sensation after she stopped to play piano on a crowded street in Russia.

The older woman had been passing by with friends when she noticed the piano, and she decided to sit down and play for a bit. As she played, a crowd quickly gathered around her, as people could not believe how beautiful her music was.

The huge smile on the woman’s face makes it clear that she loves playing piano and that she is enjoying what she is doing. The music that she makes is so pleasing to the ear that it’s easy to forget just how worn out the piano is. She does not let the condition of the piano stop her from creating incredible music!

With this performance, the woman shows the world that age really is just a number, and that you’re never too old to play piano well! When the elderly woman finished her performance, the crowd erupted into thunderous applause as she slowly walked away.

Video of her performance has quickly gone viral, being viewed nearly 500,000 times!

“Her hands are very well trained, former concert pianist for sure. Amazing granny,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “You can see it in her face how much she loves playing the piano. I hope she has a piano better than this at her place.”

“She deserves a grand piano. Wow bravo madame. U are the best…..love u..” wrote a third user.

Check out her performance for yourself below!

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