Electrician fixes broken heater for free only to get huge surprise he never expected

It’s the cold season now in many parts of The United States. A lot of clothes and a heater are probably the only things that can help you get through the freezing temperatures. That’s why the Stacy and Josh Lemonds went panicked when they came back to their Oklahoma City home one day only to find that their heater was broken.

They called the electric company, who ended up pulling their meter and declaring it to be a fire hazard because of the corroded wires. The electric company told the Lemonds that they could not get their electricity back until it was repaired and inspected for a second time.

This could not have come at a worse time, as both Stacy and Josh were out of work and struggling to pay their bills. They felt that their only option was to pray, so they reached out to their local church asking other members of the community to pray for them as well. They were stunned when an electrician named Joshua Matthews responded to them personally with a surprising offer.

Stacy and Josh had met Joshua through their church marriage group after the electrician’s wife had become ill. Stacy and Josh had brought some meals to Joshua’s home for his wife during her illness, and he wanted to repay their kindness.

Joshua, a veteran who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, offered to help the Lemonds with their electricity for free. He spent days working tirelessly in the cold to fix the couple’s heater, and finally, he got it up and running again!

The couple could not believe what Joshua had done for them free of charge. A few days later, the Lemonds called Joshua back to their home for what they thought was a second inspection, but they actually had a major surprise for him instead!

Discover what they found in the video below!

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