A good relationship is based on trust and honesty. Ellen decided to test the honesty of her audience by trying a social experiment. Ellen set up a hidden camera in her gift shop. She sells merchandise such as hats, mugs, jackets, and key chains.There was a sign asking the audience to take a single item per person. Unknown to them, the camera captured all their actions.

Ellen played the footage during the show. She was pleased with the honesty displayed by many people. Some of them even went back to buy extra items they wanted to take home. She even gifted one of the members with a cap.

However, some people of the audience were caught red-handed taking multiple items. One woman, Nancy, was caught on camera stealing various items. When asked why she did that, Nancy said she was picking the extra items for her sister who could not make it to the show.

What was Nancy’s punishment for dishonesty? Watch the video below and learn the importance of honesty.

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