Ellen calls her biggest fan live on air – loses it when the 88-year-old makes hilarious confession

They say laughter is the best medicine that we have access to. It just makes your day no matter how hard it may have been. In the clip below, we see different people’s point of view and it’s very funny.

Ellen, a show broadcaster thought of calling Gladys Hardy, a grandma that resides in Austin, TX, to thank her for the previous participation at the show. This old woman is very frank in her opinion that she is giving. Ellen could not hold the laughter from what the woman was responding to her.

The grandma’s answers and advice were so funny that Ellen decided to be giving Gladys Hardy a call on a frequent basis. Within a short time, Gladys was one of the most crucial person on the Ellen DeGeneres show for 7 seasons running. One thing for sure is that this old woman can bring a smile on a stone faced person. I could not stop laughing when Ellen asked her if she could call her sometime soon. The woman responded that any time was okay but not to call asking for dinner.

Watch the hilarious exchange here:

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