Every Time The School Bus Drops Her Brother Off, This Little Girl Does The Sweetest Thing EVER.. Aww!

Ask anyone with a good grasp of matters family, and they’ll tell a few things about sibling love. If you’ve a brother or a sister, you get it. You see, siblings may not always get a long due to conflicting interests, but the family connection between them is something bonded by blood. It can’t break!

The little girl in this video is about to teach you something awesome about forever love. Her brother goes to school every day, and that means she gets to miss him all day long.

To be fair, she loves her “big bro” to the moon and back, and that’s precisely why she can’t wait for him to get back from school.

So every day, just about the time the brother gets off the school bus, the little angel makes sure to show up at the family driveway. The moment her brother alights from that bus, things turn hot! She runs with open arms and gets him into a tight, warm embrace. This so lovely you just can’t skip it!

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