Everyone stares when he asks for her hand – seconds later audience falls silent at their “elastic” performance

When life is serious, stressful or overwhelming, sometimes the best thing to do is just let go and have some fun.

And that’s exactly what Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle are known for on the dance floor.

Sometimes, the best thing to do when life gives you a hard time, is to let yourself out and have some fun. Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle agree with this. That’s why they take the dance floor together.

The couple has been dancing for a long time and every time they show they try something new — so when Jason asked Katie to join him in a honky tonk dance, it wasn’t long before the audience was cheering them up.

The moment the Rolling Stones classic “Honky Tonk Woman” starts playing, the audience had no idea what to expect.

Jason and Katie are actually swing dancers, but this time they decided to add a bit of honky tonk in their dance routine.

They didn’t only do it but they also raised the bar to a whole new level. they nailed it!

Their dance routine was smooth and flawless as they are talented, and it’s not something we’re used to see every day.

The duo has obviously a big love and passion for dancing, they enjoyed every single second of their dance together. They completely understand the true meaning of dancing – is letting your body express itself and having fun!

The exciting dance routine has been watched for almost 2 million times on YouTube, and when you see it, you’ll understand why.

Watch their passionate dance number in right here:

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