Family rush into hospital room to meet newborn – but they have no idea what’s waiting for them in the crib

When a woman gives birth, her family and friends will rush to the hospital to meet the newborn. However, when Theresa and her husband called their loved ones to the hospital, they were not prepared for what they saw!

Most of the Slater family members knew Theresa was expectant, but they did not know the gender of the newborn.

When they came over to the hospital to meet the newest member of the Slater family, many guesses of the baby’s gender was up in the air. Unknown to them, there was a bigger surprise beyond the newborn’s gender.

The family members stood behind the privacy curtain debating on the baby’s gender. As soon as they pulled the curtain aside, they found two boys sleeping peacefully by Theresa’s side.

Most of the family members had priceless reactions. One of the visitors thought they were dolls. There was a lot of squealing, hugs, and beaming smiles in the room. Others screamed and gasped but were all excited to see the newborns and mom in good health.

Take a peek at this perfect twin reveal for yourself. These baby boys are absolutely precious to see and their big surprise is a hoot to watch unfold.

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