Many of us these days, long to watch our preferred musician or band in a live performance. We acquire the receipts months earlier and wait and mark each day until the anticipated big event.

Getting ill or being unable to attend the event is the worst thing that could happen. People may reconsider their options if they are sick or have a cold after this fearless and daring lady went to the Garth Brooks event at the Target Center in Minneapolis.
Struggling with stage 3 breast cancer, Theresa Shaw attended the show that night after having had chemotherapy earlier that day. I don’t know what we can call this if it is not commitment.

What makes this more shocking is that at the show, Garth himself saw a sign she was griping that read, “chemo this morning, Garth tonight enjoying the dance.” He then quickly stepped off the stage to meet Theresa and went on with his presentation directly to her; to make it memorable, he even gave her his guitar.

It is nearly impracticable not to be moved by this incredible video. What makes this tale even memorable is that after she was given the all clear, she went to another one of his shows and took a sign that said she had kicked cancer’s ass and is still benefiting from the dance.

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