The most special occasion of the year is the Christmas holiday, were all family members gather for a time of fun, love and laughter. For those family members who can’t join the celebration, they usually send christmas cards with lovely messages and best wishes.

Now have you ever seen a christmas greeting  on the snow? If not, you’re about to witness a tractor carving a Christmas message and we have to say, this job was no easy at all, but the results are magnificient!

Prunty Farms had this idea all planned out and when 10 inches of snow fell upon their cropland, farmer Dan Prunty set out to get the job done. While this all sounds like fun and games, Dan was in for a hard day’s work.

Now, the thing about writing messages in the snow with a tractor is that everything has to be perfect. Routes have to be planned, turns have to be flawless, and there are absolutely no do-overs. Needless to say, Dan had his work cut out for him.

Despite the stress that naturally comes with jobs like this, Dan is a professional tractor driver and was ready for all of it. Every curve, every line, and every letter was carved out with precision and style.

After the crop field was successfully engraved with big, whopping “Merry Christmas”, Prunty Farms posted the video they recorded of Dan doing his thing on their Facebook page and the response was much bigger than they expected. Don’t believe me, see it for yourselves and let the world know that Prunty Farms wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas!

A message this big is meant for the world to bear witness to. You wouldn’t want good ole’ Dan’s work to go to waste now, would you? Spread the good news and have yourself a joyous and merry Christmas as well, and maybe check out these hard-working farmer guys while you’re at it.

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