He finds two kangaroos fighting on his property – Their reaction when he tells them to stop will crack you up

The next time any kangaroo feels like kicking or punching their friend, they’ll have to look for a more conducive environment for wrestling. Not on this guy’s compound!

This man was just having his fun in the house when he happened to look out the window and spotted two big kangaroos going all dirty on each other. Apparently, these two had a grudge, and they found it convenient to throw jabs and kicks right on this man’s yard. Bad idea!

At first, this guy puts them on camera as they kick around and go for each other’s jugulars. However, he soon figures that these two antagonists aren’t about to break it up, so he opens a window and stops the war in fashion. He even threatens to tell their parents!

You see, Collin Chapman is a creative guy, and you’ll love just how well he creates a story behind the kangaroos’ fight. Apparently, they’re fighting over a lady!  Hilarious!

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