Talk of demanding careers out there and you can’t skip firefighting in the list. The career features brave women and men who do everything to save lives and properties, even if it means facing the danger head on.

While most firefighters are known for their braveness, a group of fighters known as “Samoa Hotshot crew” has shown they are also so talented. The group comes from Trinity County and we were lucky that they were able to record their singing and share with us on YouTube.

They went ahead and titled their video “Samoa Hotshot crew”; though we are not sure whether the member of the group is Samoan or it is a name they went for because they were singing the song in Samoan.

Just to take you through the firefighting profession, there are elite firefighting crews that are known as hotshots. Whenever wildfires are reported in certain locations, the hotshots are sent on such missions. As revealed by National Geographic, in the U.S we have around 107 hotshot crews.

Now back to the talented Samoa Hotshot Crew, once you watch the clip it is easy to understand why their singing has gone viral within such a short time. On top of them being talented, they are also funny and will leave you smiling as you enjoy their singing.

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