“Stand By Me” is one of the immortal songs that went from generation to another. Countless of covers were made of this song by famous or non famous artists. The cover you’re about to watch below is performed by five gentelmen who gave a new fresh spin on the tune. Their voices suited amazingly the song.

While performing from the doorsteps of Manhattan’s Saint Luke’s Lutheran Church, the audience couldn’t help but standing and cheering for the beautiful performance of Cover Story DooWop.

Everyone could use a little magic right now, and this soulful barbershop blast is bound to do the trick. It all begins when the iconic opening chords are struck by the double bassist. As the singers gradually enter the fray in bold baroque fashion, the track subtly gets louder until the music is suddenly booming. Their smooth tonal textures mesh in a supremely mesmerizing way, and even the lone instrumentalist supplies an enticingly complementary key.

The end result is a fascinatingly modern reimagining of the huge hit that has already outlasted multiple artistic eras. Contemporary cross-genre flavor is interwoven with a ravishing vintage vibe to unlock the ultimate New York City experience.

Although 60 years have passed since the first release of this masterpiece, the song still manages to sound brand new. With a distinctive creative edge and stripped-back presentation, this amazing collaborative demonstration feels synonymous with 2020. These powerhouse performers are seriously in sync, and their timing is downright unbelievable.

Thanks to their remarkable coordination, these guys crafted a vivacious religious experience for all the churchgoers in attendance. Cover Story DooWop fearlessly unleashed a stupendous concoction of joyous revelry, and their holy arrangement is bound to boost the spirits of every person who is blessed by hearing them sing.

Believe it or not, these suave jazz aficionados usually play their music for free. Typically, you can spot these chic buskers by Central Park’s Bethesda Fountain five days per week. Their impromptu gigs usually take place on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Each gathering is marked by a decadent array of passionate cover songs. With their unrivaled skill, this band constructs compelling remakes that seem almost effortless. Their jubilant personalities shine incredibly bright, and their incredible showmanship masks the sheer difficulty of their joint undertakings.

These breathtaking boys show no signs of stopping anytime soon; in fact, they recently unveiled a studio album that is loaded with original takes on famous tunes. With the release of their poignant record, New Beginnings, Cover Story DooWop is likely headed towards universal acclaim. In addition to featuring another version of “Stand By Me,” the tracklist includes impactful editions of “Wonderful World” and “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?”

As it stands, “Stand By Me” is currently their most watched YouTube video. The upload is getting close to one-million views, and it has amassed more than 12,000 likes. When you peruse the comments, you will find lavish praise being granted effusively to these gospel giants. While this might be the group’s most recognizable piece to date, you can find tons of other recordings on their personalized channel. Every dynamic song showcases their impeccable consistency and unparalleled artistry.

If you felt the bliss of their auditory benevolence, then be sure to spread the word!

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