Dementia takes away so much. However, Mallory Heading’s grandfather has something left in him.

Mallory’s grandparents watched her when she was young and she developed a close relationship with them. Despite her grandfather having dementia, he remembers a few things.

Researchers say that dementia patients who take part in creative art programs tend to be more engaged-like Mallory’s grandfather.

Mallory grandfather was moved to a nursing home. It was a hard decision but the right one. Before the family went home, they sang a hymn with him.

The family sang “When Peace Like A River”. To their surprise, the old man can remember the lyrics to the song. Mallory says her grandfather loved the southern gospel. There was a lot of music in their home and he and grandma loved The Gaithers.

Are you caring for a dementia patient? Watch the heartwarming story below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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