Granddaughter Sings Hymn to Grandpa With Dementia — Then He Remembers The Lyrics and Joins In

Dementia takes away so much. However, Mallory Heading’s grandfather has something left in him.

Mallory’s grandparents watched her when she was young and she developed a close relationship with them. Despite her grandfather having dementia, he remembers a few things.

Researchers say that dementia patients who take part in creative art programs tend to be more engaged-like Mallory’s grandfather.

Mallory grandfather was moved to a nursing home. It was a hard decision but the right one. Before the family went home, they sang a hymn with him.

The family sang “When Peace Like A River”. To their surprise, the old man can remember the lyrics to the song. Mallory says her grandfather loved the southern gospel. There was a lot of music in their home and he and grandma loved The Gaithers.

Are you caring for a dementia patient? Watch the heartwarming story below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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