Grandpa Hears Phone Ringing But Can’t Locate It. Where Family Finds It Has Whole Internet In Stitches

This is one of the things that probably happens with everyone from time to time: When you “lose” something, and you keep searching for it and then you ended up “finding” it, either it was in your bag, or you were already holding it in your head.. It’s a silly funny matter alright, but nothing as close as the funny situation that happens with this grandpa, in the video below.

You see, grandpa has been looking for his cell phone all day. Every time it rings, he looks around and tries his best to find the source of the cheerful chirping. Even when people are calling it, there’s no luck.

This time, he’s lucky to be surrounded with family who can help him finally locate his ‘lost’ phone, The entire family hears the phone ringing when they call to find it.

The incident starts when the elderly man says that he doesn’t know here his phone is. Then his family members try to help him remember where he have put it, or seen it, last.  Grandpa guesses that the phone may be left on the counter. That’s when one of the family members points out something funny. When you call it, you can hear it. Wherever grandpa goes, the ringtone is heard.

The entire family were enjoying the hilarious little hunt. Then grandpa decided to go inside home and tries to find it himself. Then the funniest part comes: It’s the place where he found his phone!

We won’t tell you where the phone was, so click on the link below and see it for yourself!

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