Back in 1996, Maxine became the winner of a contest and as a result was given a poinsettia plant as a gift for the festive season. That happened on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, she got a heart attack 3 days later and died. Since that time, the poinsettia plant has been kept by Frankie (her heartbroken husband.)

As revealed by, it is possible for a poinsettia plant that is healthy to survive for several months when kept inside. As we speak, the one of Frankie has been around for 2 decades. The “miracle plant,” has not only astonished Frankie, but also his family and friends as well as plant specialist within Hallifax, Nova Scotia (his hometown.) The plant stand at around 5 feet tall and its weight is over 100 pounds.

Whenever Frankie looks at the blossoming plant, he is reminded of his wife in a beautiful way. It is like she is still with him in the house.

Though frank happens to be a wonderful gardener, he believes that it is the spirit of Maxine that assists the poinsettia plant to grow. He doesn’t have any plans of getting rid of the plant.

Watch the incredible story in the video below:

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