There is nothing more beautiful than the bond between a mother and her children. This special bond can be demonstrated in mother-son dance at a groom’s wedding. Gabe and his mom wanted to give their guests the best mom-son dance they’ve ever witnessed, when they walked on the dance floor, no one could expect what’s going to happen next.

A traditional song starts to play, the duo hit the dance floor and suddenly the beat changed into music with wilder moves. Everyone got excited to see the pair taking their position. The two had their guests cheering in delight with their energy and some serious dance moves

To start, mother and son began their dance with Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”. Then, the song was interrupted and replaced with Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean.” The crowd was astonished and entertained by the pair’s slick dance moves, accentuated by a sweet backflip by Gabe.

To wrap things up, the pair danced to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, and the moves really came out. Both mother and son graciously received the cheers, whoops, and hollers by their new fans as they gave each other a huge hug. Guests seen in the background of the video clearly were entertained by the unique dance.

Dances like these are such a fun way for a mother and son to mix things up while also demonstrating their close and unique bond. The best part about this dance was neither party was too much or overly showy, just fun. They both seemed comfortable, and it is likely that they had a blast putting this compilation together and rehearsing their dance. Mother and son will cherish that time spent together for the rest of their lives.

Weddings are always a memorable occasion, but the guests of Gabe and his new bride are sure to remember this dance every time they think about their time spent celebrating. What was your favorite part of the dance? Gabe’s backflip, or maybe how much his mom sassed it up during Single Ladies?! Send this video to friends that would enjoy, and feel free to leave us your thoughts and comments.

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