Weddings are a big deal. They are a time for celebrations, regardless of who is getting married.

Different weddings have different cultures. The family festivity also plays a great role. Some common wedding cultures include an adorable kid acting as the ring bearer or the bride throwing out flowers to the bridesmaids.

The mother-son dance is one of the honored traditions. In some places, it is the father-daughter dance.

Jared and his fiancée Allie got married on July 5th, 2014.

The time for the mother-son dance arrived. Jared and his mom move to the dance floor as Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” plays.

Moments later, the record scratches and Jared and his mom have a surprise for their guests.

Nobody was prepared for their next move; a full musical tour.

“Staying Alive” is the first music in the mix. Mom and son both wear a pair of sunglasses and bust out their best dance moves. MC Hammers “Can’t Touch This” follows and the two switch seamlessly without ruining the dance.

When “Gangnam Style” plays, the crowd goes berserk. The two cover every possible dance move and their finishing mesmerizes the crowd.

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