Groom stops vows to confess his love for another, his next words brought the entire church to tears

What would be your reaction if the groom expressed his love for another woman beside the woman he is marrying?

One groom poured out his heart in a heartfelt sentiment that left the guests teary-eyed. The groom committed his unending love to his bride Jessica. In the same vein, he appreciated her daughter, Giovanna.  For 8-year-old Giovanna, it was a great pleasure to see her mom marrying the man she loved. Fortunately for her, her new dad had some vows for the little girl.

The groom shared his vows with his bride Jessica before asking her daughter to step forward. He goes on his knees and lists all the things he will do as a dad. Fondly calling her Gi, the man pours out his heart to the little girl.

The groom promises to love and protect little G from any danger. The smile on the face of the 8-year-old is an expression of love.  She takes the microphone and shares her love for daddy with the crowd. You will need some tissues for this.

Watch the heartwarming reactions from this new family and let us know what you think.

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