Groom stops wedding and admits he loves someone else — points to a guest and makes his bride cry

This groom shared heartfelt sentiments that left everyone in tears – yet they weren’t for the woman he was marrying. In addition to committing his life to Jessica, his bride, he was also committing his life to her daughter, Giovanna. Giovanna is only eight-years-old. Seeing her mommy marry the love of her life is one of the most significant events of her life so far. Now, she receives vows from her new daddy with absolute joy.


After sharing his vows with Jessica, the groom, Jefferson, looks past her shoulder at Giovanna and asks her to step forward. He lists all of the things he believes he should do for her as her daddy. “Gi,” he nicknames her, “If I could ask God anything, I would ask that he give you me as a daughter… I would be the proudest father in the world, for having such a beautiful, intelligent and educated daughter as you.” Little Gi smiles the biggest smile she can muster.

“I also give you love, my love, take care of you and always protect you, and not to let anything bad happen to you.” Jefferson looked into her eyes and promised to always care for her and protect her, just like he was promising her mother. Jessica and the whole congregation were moved to tears. Then, little Gi picks up the microphone to express her thanks to her new daddy through her tears. This display of love completely speaks for itself – watch the video below to follow along with the heartwarming reactions of this beautiful new family!

This was one of the most moving wedding speeches I’ve seen. Please share it with your friends so they can also see this amazing show of love from Jefferson.

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