The upbeat melody of “Uptown Funk” filled the air as the groom approached, extending his hand to his newly-wedded wife. In a lively procession, his friends formed a train, leading her to the dance floor. Pausing at the edge, they wanted her to savor the surprise performance that awaited.

Filled with excitement, the bride eagerly settled into her seat, eyes fixed on the captivating spectacle unfolding before her. The groom, accompanied by his best man and ushers, gracefully moved and twirled to the music, donning adorable suits and hats. Even a young boy joined in, dressed to the nines in a matching outfit, matching the adults’ dance prowess.

To the thunderous applause and cheers of the wedding party, the song reached its swift conclusion. The crowd, equally enthralled, showered their appreciation!

Yet, there was more to come. The wedding party began wiggling their fingers to the iconic Beyonc√© hit, “Single Ladies

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