I always love to watch the routines of professional gymnasts. They’re at another level of body capacities. They show some moves that I wouldn’t have thought possible.

And watch the young ones, it’s almost terrifying how flexible their bodies can be.

If you also follow gymnastics, you probably already heard the name Katelyn Ohashi.

Katelyn Ohashi stunned the audience, wowed judges and broke the internet with a flawless, Jackson 5-inspired floor routine that earned a perfect 10.

She was on the USA Gymnastics’ junior national team for four years and the 2011 junior national champion. Back in 2013, she even beat team member Simone Biles to win the American Cup.

But while Biles went on to become a four-time Olympic champion, Ohashi stepped away from her Olympic dreams.

Before UCLA, Ohashi was competing at the elite level of gymnastics until she injured her back and shoulder, according to The Players’ Tribune. She decided to compete on the college level because of her injuries.

In 2018, she became the NCAA co-champion in floor in with a score of 9.9625. In that routine, Ohashi’s routine went viral when she flashed finger guns and moon-walked across the floor to music from Michael Jackson.

Going viral once is no easy task, but do twice? Ohashi seems to have cracked the code.

At a college meet in January, Katelyn Ohashi of U.C.L.A. delivered a brilliant technical floor routine, with nary a step on her landings.

Her new routine is packed with insanely difficult moves and Ohashi seems to truly be finding joy in her sport again. Another heartwarming part of the video’s appeal is the joyous reactions from Ohashi’s teammates, from the sidelines.

Pleas watch Katelyn Ohashi and her stunning floor routine below, which earned her a perfect 10:

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