At 23, Linda Koebner was a graduate student, and then she found herself playing mom to a pair of chimps. The apes, Doll and Swing, had been used in a study and now they were no longer needed. They had to be released into the wild, and Linda was given the responsibility to handle them as they stepped out of their cages and into the sunlight. They had been held captive for 6 good years. The good lady treated them as her own babies!

Linda spent the next 4 years teaching Doll and Swing how to fend for themselves and survive in the wild, and then, after they fully adapted, she went away. But that’s not the real story yet!

Fast-forward 18 years later, and Linda wants to visit her “babies” in the wild. She thinks they’re now old and that they may have forgotten her. But is she right? This video is about to blow your good mind with something too real to believe!

Check out the clip and watch as Doll and Swing finally re-unite with their long-lost “mom.” Their reactions will leave you breathless. You need to SHARE this right away!

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