A small gesture can change a lot of things. the video you’re about to see is only 30 seconds but it has been viewed by almost 10 million people on social media. Tara Thomas, the woman in the video never expected her story to move so many.

Shawn Thomas was welcomed home by an escort of Army soldiers. His wife met his coffin at the airport. As soon as she touched the flag draped over the wood, she broke down in tears. A passenger on the plane, Lisa West Williams, caught the event on tape. She posted it to Facebook, saying she was honored to have flown home with a patriot.

Williams says that many other passengers cried alongside Tara as they watched her break down over her husband’s coffin. Some people might be reluctant to watch a private moment, but Tara has given her blessing to share her experience. She wants every American to see the video, learn about Shawn’s life, and realize that brave soldiers die every day defending America’s freedom.

Shawn’s family supported him every step of the way. Tara and Shawn lived at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, with their 4 children. Today, Cheyenne, Gavin, Taylor and Natylyn along with their mother Tara are thankful for the military community back home. You can watch the tearful moment Tara approaches Shawn’s coffin below:

Shawn Thomas was a Green Beret who loved serving his country. He’d been deployed 8 times during his career in the military and passed away in a car accident. Shawn earned two Bronze Stars and four Good Conduct Medals throughout his long service. He was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery.

Do you know any army wives or other patriots who would love this emotional story? Make sure you pass this story their way 🙂

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