Who doesn’t dream of winning the Powerball? You tell me!

You see, people who get into that lottery aren’t stupid. Everyone knows that the Powerball is meant to be won. In fact, everyone prays to win that huge amount. Time and time again, the winner stuns the world with their story!

Enter Mavis Wanczyk, the latest winner of the $758 million prize. Talking to the press hours after the winning numbers were read out, Mavis admits that hers was just a pipe dream that happened to come true. In fact, the 53-year-old had planned to retire in 12 years, but it seems that, that too, has come early. Mavis even called her employer and quit her job before travelling to receive her massive prize. She worked at Mercy Medical Center. She’s certainly not returning to work. She’s retiring!

In the video, the widowed mom of 2 is answering some questions, and you’ll love just how she handles the whole thing. It’s a blessing.

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