Hunky Dad Is Home Alone With Baby – Hits Record And Films “Dance” Routine That Has Millions Smiling

This is the video you shouldn’t miss to watch today, and by the end you’ll be glad you watched it, it will surely brighten your day.

When dad was left home alone with baby Miles, he decided to enjoy some quality time with his baby son. He doesn’t want to watch TV together or play with some toys with his little kid, he actually wants to do something more special…

While carrying his baby, handsome dad switches on his camera in the kitchen and stands in front of it ready to do something.. Then, Michael Jackson’s hit song ‘Beat It’ begins to play from a speaker, and it’s getting clear that we’re about to get a performance like no other.

Dad moves Miles’ feet to the beat. From moonwalking to the iconic forward lean, Miles nails it all with the help of Dad!

This silly yet adorable dance routine is bringing smiles to everyone.. At one point, the tiny baby even breaks out into an air guitar – brilliant!

In addition of having fun with his little boy, dad is also teaching his baby valuable lessons: According to The Cleveland Clinic website, dancing is proven to be an excellent way for children to express themselves and the aerobic activity is great for people of all ages. Not to mention, training the brain to remember choreography can have benefits on test grades in school due to the mental stimulation.

Finally, the site says that those who dance regularly actually sleep better at night. So maybe that’s why dad has taken to dancing around with his son – it’s just preparation for nap time!

Watch the video below to see the hilarious routine – it’s impossible to watch without a good giggle.

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