Her husband died on duty in Afghanistan – 2 days after funeral, she opens his laptop and finds a hidden file

Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day are holidays set aside to honor men and women who dedicate their lives to serve our country. Memorial Day honors soldiers who lost their lives to protect our freedom and safeguard our country.

26-year-old Todd Weaver was deployed in Afghanistan back in 2010. He left behind his wife and their 9-months-old daughter, Emma. Todd kept in touch with his family via video chats and letters.

Sadly, Lt. Todd lost his life in September 9th 2010. His death was caused an IED with only a few weeks before he could return home. Todd’s remains were shipped to the state and buried in Arlington National Cemetery in October.

Before being deployed, Lt. Todd visited the cemetery as the last place. Barely a year after his funeral, Lt. Todd received several service recognitions such as Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

Lt. Todd’s wife later received his laptop that he had in Afghanistan. When she opened it, she found two documents containing letters. One was addressed to his wife, Emma, the other, his young daughter, Kiley. Both are heart-wrenching.

Watch the video below to find out the contents of the letter.

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