Intruder Breaks in Apartment, Soon Found Out He’s Picked the Wrong People to Mess with

19-year-old Shane Feeney was hanging out with his friends in Chattanooga, Tennessee when someone broke into their apartment. The man, later identified as Calvin Carter III, had picked the wrong house that night.

Feeney suspected the man was messing with a gun and he decided to call the cops.

While Feeney dialed 911, his friends went to check out the back of the apartment. One of Feeney friends decided to jump through the window in an attempt to find help.  Sadly, he came face to face with the intruder. Carter held him at gunpoint at the front entrance.

Seeing his friend’s life was in danger, Feeney allowed the intruder into the house. When Carter realized Feeney was on a 911 call, he took the phone. At that moment, Feeney grabbed the intruder and grabbed his gun out of his waistband. However, Carter shot Fenny on the leg.

The two men wrestled, and a friend joined in. They were able to restrain the intruder on the ground till the police arrived. Carter was arrested, and several charged were preferred against him.

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