Janitor sick of shoveling snow, pulls off the most perfect prank to annoy people during snow

If you come from a place that snows a lot, then you will definitely know what it means by having to shovel the snow so that you can have access to either the entrance of your house or other places. In the clip below, we see what a crafty janitor decided to do when he was shoveling the snow. So funny!

In summary, the video is just a practical joke itself. The janitor decided to shovel the snow in a place that seemed to be a playground or a park where people sit and relax. When no one was around, he shoveled the snow creating winding paths which people would use to avoid walking on the snow, then waited to see what was going to happen. When people started to pass, they never realized that the paths were just but circles created, which never took them to no place.

But there were some people who were clever enough to realize that the path was just winding to nowhere and saw it wise to walk on the snow to avoid the curved path.

Check out their priceless reactions and just how good of a prank this turned out to be.

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