So far in the Britain’s Got Talent competition, we have been exposed to really outstanding talent.

Did you watch Isaac Waddington’s performance when he caught the audience by surprise while performing “She’s Always A Woman,” a hit song done by Billy Joel? As an upcoming artist, the 15-year-old boy has a bright future in the industry. On the same stage, a 12-year old boy by the name Henry Gallagher pulled off a surprise performance which he dedicated to his grade school crush that left everyone thrilled.

Today, we are also bringing to your attention another talented singer who left everyone jaw-dropped when she took the stage. Here, Maia Gough who is 12 years old was performing “I Have Nothing,” a song sang by her icon Whitney Houston. Immediately she hit the song’s first note, the audience and the judges could not believe it. He was so passionate with her performance and blew everyone away.

By watching this, you will understand why even judge Simon, who is considered to be so strict joined everyone to applause and give the young girl a standing ovation at the end.

Please watch this clip and rate the young girl’s performance. Kindly SHARE with everyone!

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