Just before hurricane hits, stranger gives his generator to desperate woman whose dad is living on oxygen

Pam Brekke went miles away from home, desperate to buy a generator to keep her father alive. Before the arrival of Hurricane Irma, Pam like many other Floridians, was racing to buy food and supplies to survive the scary nature phenomenon.

With an impending hurricane approaching, one man’s generosity moved a customer to tears. Pam has spent days searching for a generator and waiting for them to be restocked at her local Lowe’s in Orlando, Florida, as Hurricane Irma approaches the state’s coastline. She desperately needs one to power her ailing father’s oxygen supply.

According to ABC WFTV-TV, the store received a surprise shipment of 200 generators, so Pam raced 30 miles from her home to get one. But within just 2 hours the generators were sold out and Pam had been next in line to get one. Upon hearing the news, she broke down in tears. That’s when Ramon Santiago noticed her crying. He had managed to snag one generator but had not purchased it yet. That’s when he insisted that she take his.

The news channel was in the store at the time and captured the touching moment.

Ramon didn’t think much of it, but Pam was overcome with emotion by Ramon’s generosity. “That gentleman was a great gentleman right there,” she said. “God will bless that man.”

It warms our hearts to witness such kind gestures especially in hard times like this, people looking out for each other is what keeps us united.

Watch the emotional reaction of Pam towards Ramon’s amazing act in the video below:

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